It was through having my daughters that I began to discover my creativity. As I began to explore different supplies and ideas with them, I began thinking differently about creating. My early creations were gifts to my mother and to friends. I love giving gifts!

Of course, there is the reality of necessity being the mother of invention and of my faith. I was teaching my daughters to use their gifts and talents, so I became increasingly aware of where I wasn’t using mine. In the beginning, it was money for the dance lessons I wanted my older girls to have and then horseback riding and camps.

After becoming a single mom, it became so much more. My inspirational gifts evolved into messages I needed as did the world around me. Coming through the darkest of times with angels increased my hope and faith exponentially. Each angel brings with it a message and a quote or bible verse. It is a mindful practice for me -both bringing in Words of hope, faith, love, joy, gratitude, friendship, peace, serenity, inspiration, guidance and sending them out into the world.

Everything I make has a deeper message. Metaphor is my lifeline. Angels, butterflies, flowers, stars, and finding the shiny engage my soul. I like sharing that with others. I am a firm believer in being a joy spreader in all the ways I can, and it is my hope that my handmade inspirational gifts bring joy to others.